Home of Cambodian Rock’n’Roll. We are an independent record label, recording studio and production house based on Fish Island, Traeuy Kaoh, Cambodia.

Fish Island Records is founded by Julien Poulson, guitarist and producer of The Cambodian Space Project – Cambodia’s most renowned international music export. In 2019, Julien co-founded FICAC (Fish Island Community Arts Centre) situated on Traeuy Kaoh an island sitting in the mouth of Kampot river and facing the Gulf of Thailand. Julien and his team of local and international musicians saw the need to create a local production house and got down to work building the “Yellow Sub” recording studio to reach out and produce great new music with distinct local flavours inspired by the extraordinary sounds of Cambodia.

Fish Island records today

If you dig grassroots culture and underground sounds? You’re gonna love Fish Island Records. This is the home of garage rock, Sixties Cambodian rock’n’roll, reggae, swamp, blues, chica, cumbia, surf, ethnic folk, psychedelic rock’n’roll and more! Enjoy the trip!


The Cambodian Space Project 

Fish Island Pharaohs

Bokor Mountain Magic Band 

Los Faraones Amazónico

The Phnong Musicians of Bou’Sra Village 

Cambodian Women of Song 


The Broken Hillbillies 

The Green Mist 

Funkee Junktion 

J.M. Poulson  

Clive Mann